“Nothing Brings People Together Like Good Food”

SILVERSPOON caterers is one of the professional catering Service, provide services at a very affordable cost and customer satisfaction is our motto. Our services are available any where in Kerala. Our customers are the main asset for us and their satisfaction speaks out for us in the crowd. We value this than any advertisement or a popular media. . SILVERSPOON has specialized in outdoor catering for wedding and many other occasions.We provide catering services to corporate and private clients in south india Whether it is a Birthday party,Engagement party, Wedding reception or Social gathering be prepared great food and excellent service. We understand that all celebrations are very important and its own responsibility to make it a memorable one for our clients.

SilverSpoon Multi cuisine restaurant presents unique and delicious dishes catering to multi cultural tourist requirements. Kerala has frequent visits by ocean-goers, Greek, Roman, Arab, and European visitors. Consequently Kerala restaurant feature delicacies that have a unique blend of native and foreign and blend of native forign dishes adapted to kerala taste. Since there are abundance of coconuts in Kerala. Coconuts milk and grated coconut are essential ingredients in Kerala delicacies, Kerala has a long coastline with many rivers and black waters which contribute to numerous sea and river-food based dishes in Kerala. Spices and condiments like cardamom, black pepper, clover, ginger and cinnamon are also essential ingredients in a Malabar restaurant.